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  • Frasier: Grammar Nitpick

    Language Arts → Grammar → Literally vs. Figuratively
    Dr. Frasier Crane takes a call from Doug and listens to his problem. Doug talks about his mother and how she doesn't have much of a life. He claims that she "literally hangs around the house all day." Frasier points out Doug's incorrect use of the word, "literally," which causes Doug to get angry and hang up the phone.

  • Frasier: Goodnight Seattle

    Literature → Poetry → Interpreting Poems
    Literature → Lord Tennyson → Ulysses
    Frasier ends his radio channel by reciting his favorite poem, Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. He explains what the poem means to him over the air.

  • Frasier: Invited to Duke's

    Language Arts → Grammar → Interrogative Sentences
    While creating plans for themselves, Frasier and Niles are surprised that their father has invited them to grab a beer with him at Duke's. They ask several questions to confirm that he is inviting them.