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Eddy gets a zit, which Double D tells him is a natural part of growing up. Eddy is embarrassed about it and tries to hide from the other kids. Ed finds the zit funny and gets Johnny to come over and see it, to Eddy's dismay.
Eddy wants to garner respect from the other kids, so he lies about his brother returning to the cul-de-sac. In reality, most of the other kids are afraid of his brother, which Eddy doesn't seem to understand. Double D mentions that fear is not the same as respect.
A fly enters Eddy's voice box, and he cannot talk as a result. Ed and Double D give him a cowbell so he can communicate with them. Rolf acts as an interpreter, and Ed and Double D trust him despite him not actually understanding what Eddy is trying to communicate. Eddy's body language indicates that Rolf's interpretations are incorrect.
Eddy starts a summer BBQ shop in order to make some money. However, it isn't summertime; he artificially creates summer conditions in the cul-de-sac to fool everyone. He does this so that he can continue his scams.
Eddy, unaware of Rolf's customs, throws a fishball that Rolf made against a wall, which insults him. Eddy fails to recognize what he did to insult Rolf. When he tries to make up for it, he accidentally insults him further. To regain his honor, Rolf challenges Eddy to a duel.