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  • Armageddon: Opening Scene

    An asteroid crashes into the Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, creating a giant explosion that affects the entire planet. The narrator explains that the asteroid is 6 miles wide and strikes the earth with an impact equivalent to that of 10,000 nuclear weapons. A trillion tons of dirt and rock are thrown into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun for years.

  • Armageddon: Armadillo Jump

    The crew is trying to reach the shuttle that already landed on the asteroid. While traveling to it, the crew members come across a giant ravine in the asteroid and have no way to cross it. Since there is less gravity on the asteroid, they try to jump over the ravine. They successfully jump over it, and their trajectory leads them away from the asteroid, but they manage to turn the engines back on in time to return to the asteroid.

  • Armageddon: Shuttle Launch

    The astronauts and the oil drillers taking off in the two shuttles, The Freedom and The Independence, to meet the asteroid. When the countdown is complete, the rockets fire their engines, and both shuttles take off into space.