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  • The West Wing: Then Shut It Down

    Negotiations → Negotiation Styles → Competing
    The Democratic White House is at odds with a Republican Congress that is looking to run the table. President Bartlet is arriving to agree to a continuing resolution on budget negotiations. The White House and Congress previously agreed to a 1% cut, but the new Speaker of the House changes the terms last-minute and gives President Bartlet an ultimatum.

  • The West Wing: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

    Speaking → Logical Fallacy → Post Hoc Fallacy
    Mrs. Landingham believes that the President's poor sense of humor contributed to campaign losses in Texas. President Bartlet explains that it is a logical fallacy: just because they lost Texas after a hat joke, it doesn't necessarily mean that the joke resulted in their campaign loss.

  • The West Wing: The Stackhouse Filibuster

    Politics → Political Procedures → Filibuster
    The President helps Senator Stackhouse with his filibuster to ruin the print deadline. He calls up other senators that would support Senator Stackhouse so that he can take a break from holding the floor by yielding for a question.

  • The West Wing: 14 Punctuation Marks

    Language Arts → Grammar → Punctuation Marks
    During some after hours games, President Bartlet asks his cabinet some questions about the English language and grammar. He challenges them to name all 14 of the punctuation marks in standard English grammar and list all of the words in the language that begin with "dw."