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  • The Dust Bowl: How The Dust Bowl Began

    History → American History → Dust Bowl
    The Dust Bowl during the 1930s was a time that tested American tenacity and resilience. It was the time when one of the greatest man-made American catastrophes caused the migration of countless families because the 10-year drought had rendered the area inhabitable. This clip illustrates the factors that contributed to the Dust Bowl.

  • The Dust Bowl: Environmental Conservatism

    History → American History → Dust Bowl
    Agriculture → Conservation Agriculture → Soil Conservation
    Following the Dust Bowl catastrophe, greater amounts of land became dedicated to wheat production and local inhabitants believed the Dust Bowl was behind them. However, in the 1950s, symptoms of a relapse were looming. Luckily, many farmers used Howard Finnell's conservation practices; therefore, the catastrophe was averted.