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  • Babe: Sheep Are Stupid

    Language Arts → Fact vs. Opinion → Opinion
    Babe is brought to the farm, and Fly informs her puppies that he is a pig. Fly assures her puppies that the farm owners only eat stupid animals such as sheep, ducks, and chickens. When Babe hears Fly calling pigs stupid, he defends his species.

  • Babe: Herding the Sheep

    Rhetoric → Persuasion → Pathos
    Babe is tasked to herd the sheep. He takes advice from the sheepdogs and acts aggressively and mean towards the sheep to get their compliance. However, Babe is not intimidating like a sheepdog and needs to try a different tactic. He shows his kindness to the sheep and they agree to follow his orders if he asks them nicely.

  • Babe: Babe the Sheep Dog

    Relationship Skills → Communication → Cooperation
    Babe needs to prove himself to the farmer that he is able to herd sheep. His dog Mom tries to tell him to use force and angry words. Babe, however, learns the importance of cooperation and asking nicely.

  • Babe: Christmas Means Carnage

    Science → Animal Production → Animal slaughter
    The animals on the farm realize that Christmas is quickly approaching and some of them will be slaughtered.