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  • Napoleon: Napoleon Returns

    napoleonic wars
    Napoleon returns to France after escaping exile on Elba, and the ostensibly royalist troops he encounters rally around him. It is a powerful moment and demonstrates their faith in him as a leader.

  • Napoleon: Napoleon's Strategy at Austerlitz

    napoleonic wars
    battle of austerlitz
    Napoleon surprises his advisors with his unconventional thinking, yet convinces them to have complete faith in his strategy at Austerlitz, one of the most important battle sites of the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Napoleon: Retreat from Waterloo

    napoleonic wars
    battle of waterloo
    The situation at Waterloo becomes increasingly, dire and Napoleon is forced to retreat by the Duke of Wellington and a surpise Prussian Army. This battle marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Napoleon: Overthrowing The Directory

    world history
    french history
    coup of 18 brumaire
    After being met with hostility by the Council of Five Hundred, Napoleon Bonaparte rallies troops and orders them to invade the Orangerie and disperse the Council. This effectively marked the end of the French Directory and Napoleon's rise to power as First Consul of France.