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  • That's So Raven: Food for Thought

    health education
    good eating habits
    Chelsea tells Raven that the food they got from the food court is unhealthy and is having a negative impact on their health. Raven acts as if everything is fine even though she is tired from simply standing up from the ground. Raven has a vision of the future, and in it, she and everyone in the school has gained a lot of weight. That inspires Raven to change her eating habits.

  • That's So Raven: Ben Has a Stench

    health education
    personal hygiene
    Raven's class partner, Ben, has an unbearable body odor that completely repulses Raven. She wants to tell him that she cannot work with him because of it but has trouble doing so because he flattered her with a compliment.

  • That's So Raven: Body Image

    body image
    Raven Baxter is excited to learn that she's a finalist in the Young Designers Contest. However, they've retouched her image to portray her as skinny. The woman leading the contest tells Raven that she needs "the lookm" which is unrealistically skinny, to be able to walk on stage during the contest.