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  • Tangled: Interrogating Flynn

    begging the question
    logical fallacy
    Rapunzel interrogates Flynn Rider, who has trespassed on the tower in which she lives. She begins the interrogation by asking him what he wants to do with her hair. By starting her questioning in this way, she sets the premise that he came to the tower for her hair when he actually entered the tower to escape pursuers who were chasing him.

  • Tangled: Realization Scene

    aha moment
    sign post
    notice and note
    Rapunzel comes to the realization that she's the long-lost princess and that Gothel is not really her mother. When Gothel tries to shrug it off, Rapunzel suggests that Gothel kept her away from the outside world for all of these years.

  • Tangled: Confronting Family member about the truth

    embracing the truth
    Rapunzel learns the truth about who she really is. She finally stands up to her wicked 'mother' and stands by the truth.

  • Tangled: Eugene Makes a Fatal Cut

    putting others before oneself
    Eugene saves Rapunzel from her evil Mother Gothel's captivity.

  • Tangled: Mother Knows Best

    persuasive writing
    Rapunzel tells her mother, Gothel, that she would like to go outside and leave the house. Gothel sings a song in which she evokes fear in Rapunzel and makes her change her mind. In the song, she exaggerates the dangers that lurk outside and undermines Rapunzel's ability to survive on her own. Gothel also asserts herself as an authority figure as Rapunzel's mother.