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  • Breaking Bad: Walter Speaks Spanish

    Walter uses his basic Spanish skills to ask three Honduran women if they can help him with some cleaning. They initially refuse because they are concerned about their jobs. After he incentivizes them with money, they agree to help.

  • Breaking Bad: All Life Is Carbon

    chemical elements
    Walter teaches his chemistry class about the element, carbon, and its critical role in life. He explains that all life is carbon-based and gives examples of the prevalence of carbon in our lives.

  • Breaking Bad: Chirality

    Walter explains to his class what the term, chirality, means in the context of chemistry. He mentions one feature of chiral compounds: they aren't always the same even if they look the same. He gives the example of thalidomide in the 1950s to stress how chirality has had an impact in the real world.

  • Breaking Bad: Creating a Battery

    galvanic cell
    Walt and Jesse need power to jumpstart their RV, so they create battery cells in order to generate current. Walt explains to Jesse how their creation, although it looks unconventional, will be a functional battery. He lists some of the components of a battery and how they are making each.

  • Breaking Bad: The Reaction Has Begun

    exothermic reactions
    chemical reactions
    Walt suggests to Jesse that they have finished their work for now because the reaction has begun. After Jesse asks Walt how long the reaction will take, Walt explains why having a freezer would speed up the reaction: because it's exothermic.