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  • Black-ish: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

    women's liberation movement
    twentieth century
    Dre talks to Rainbow and insists that she should have taken his last name when they got married. Rainbow cites that doing so would go against her feminist ideals because it enforces that women and men are not equal, which she clarifies is the view held by feminists. By reverting to old tradition, Rainbow fears that she would do a disservice to herself and all the women who came before her that made strides to bolster future generations of women.

  • Black-ish: Public School History

    school segregation
    brown v. board of education
    civil rights movement
    racial segregation
    american history
    Dre gives an overview of the history of the United States public education system as it relates to segregation and opportunity for black students. He highlights the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case and how it forced schools to integrate. He also mentions the positive impact of integration on academic achievement and expresses disappointment that schools have become more segregated than ever since the overturn of the mandatory integration ruling.

  • Black-ish: Vaccines

    Has profanity
    anti vaxxers
    public health
    Bow posts on Facebook her views on vaccines. She gets sucked into the debate with other friends on Facebook and becomes frustrated with their views.

  • Black-ish: White Guilt

    african american culture
    cultural stereotypes
    world cultures
    Zoey uses "white guilt" in her college essay in order to increase her chances of being accepted.

  • Black-ish: Biege Rage

    Has profanity
    cultural stereotypes
    world cultures
    Dre's coworkers accuse him of favoring light-skinned actors over darker-skinned actors.