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  • Cesar Chavez: Have You Read the Bill of Rights?

    Has profanity
    fourth amendment
    united states constitution
    Two officers seek to interrogate Cesar Chavez about his possible affiliation to the Communist party. When they suggest performing a search of the property, Chavez stops them by asking for a warrant. He mentions the Bill of Rights multiple times in his conversation with the officers to remind them that his group's actions are protected by the Constitution.

  • Cesar Chavez: The Grape Boycott

    Has profanity
    nonviolent protest
    The farm workers gain widespread support in their grape boycott, costing the growers $17 million dollars through their valient efforts. Their goal is to gain leverage so that they can negotiate better wages and working conditions with the growers. Because of the success of the farm workers' boycott, the growers are forced to consider negotiating with them or else risk losing their entire business.