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  • The Patriot: Go To War Scene

    war debate
    the american revolution
    american history
    Colonists rally together to discuss the importance of building their own, American nation to protect their rights from the tyrant that they consider to be the king of England. Some are in support of a war for independence, while others are in opposition. Captain Martin urges them to acknowledge alternatives to war, and they speak to the results of those efforts: they did not work, and the only path to independence is war.

  • The Patriot: It's a Lost Cause

    french support
    the american revolution
    american history
    Continental Army Officers discuss the dire situation of the Revolution. They plan to keep General Cornwallis in the south to prevent him from taking over Washington until the promised French reinforcements arrive in six months, at the earliest. The French reinforcements are vowed for by a French Officer.

  • The Patriot: Cornwallis Surrenders

    battle of yorktown
    siege of yorktown
    surrender of cornwallis
    the american revolution
    american history
    This is an overview of the British defeat and surrender at Yorktown. General Cornwallis remarks that everything has now been changed.

  • The Patriot: No Retreat

    When Benjamin sees his soldiers retreating, he courageously takes the flag and inspires them to continue fighting.