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  • The Lorax: ThneedVille Song

    The Lorax introduces the story of ThneedVille, a city in which everything is artificial, even the trees. The residents then sing a song about everything their city has to offer and how much they enjoy living in it.  

  • The Lorax: The Last Tree Falls

    effects of deforestation
    The Lorax confronts the Once-Ler, who has been cutting down Truffula trees to manufacture Thneeds. The two witness the cutting down of the last Truffula tree, marking an end to the viability of the Once-Ler's business. The lack of trees also adversely affects the environment, as is evident by the coughing of the residents of ThneedVille and the migration of all the wildlife.

  • The Lorax: Ted Fights to Plant a Tree

    public sociology
    Ted reveals O' Hare's monopolistic scheme and implores the townspeople to allow him to grow a tree. The call to action inspires several townspeople to voice their support for his mission of planting seeds. When O'Hare suggests inaction and for the trees to die, he learns that no one is on his side.

  • The Lorax: Let it Grow

    Ted courageously speaks out to enact change. His act of courage inspires other townspeople to voice their opinion on letting trees grow.