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Has profanity
Billy thinks Grim killed everyone he cares about. Grim denies his accusation until Mandy comes along with a box and ominously invites them over for dinner. Billy thinks Mandy ate the people he cares about, but then Grim suggests he's jumping to conclusions. The two try to find evidence that she is a cannibal. Billy continues to be paranoid, sticking to his belief that Mandy ate the people he cared about, but Grim keeps a level head until finally joining him in his paranoia, only for it to be revealed that everything was a plan for Billy's surprise birthday party.
Grim gets Billy and Mandy into a theme park attraction called "The World of the Future" that is closed. When inside, Grim turn on the attraction and Sassy Cat, the cartoon character on which the theme park is based appears on a screen and narrates a future that runs on robot labor.
Billy wants money and answers a supernatural advert for chocolate sailor salespeople in the underworld comic given to him by Grim. Billy tries one of the chocolates and becomes addicted, eating box-after-box even though he was supposed to be selling them. He gets himself together and tries to sell some chocolates to Grim and Mandy, but his addiction proves too strong and he claims that he is all out and doesn't sell to Grim when he claims he clearly wants to buy.
Grim, Mandy, Billy, and Fred Fredburger get frozen yogurt from a local store. After Fred has trouble deciding what flavor to get, Grim, out of frustration, tells the server to get him both chocolate and mint. Fred and Billy each eat their ice cream with both joy and pain, as they get brain freezes from their treat.
Mandy invites Grim to a tea party and works out a deal with Grim to keep Mr. Snuggles if she and Billy win a game against him. Grim wagers that he will be their best friend forever if they win.