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  • Monty Python: Argument Clinic

    forming an argument
    Two characters have an intricate argument.

  • Monty Python: Confess!

    Has profanity
    the spanish inquisition
    spanish history
    The Spanish Inquisition accuses an elderly woman of heresy on four counts, and she doesn't understand what she's accused of. They attempt to get her confession by "torturing" her with cushions and a comfy chair.

  • Monty Python: Philosophers Football

    famous philosophers
    history of philosophy
    Greek and German philosophers play against each other in an altered game of soccer. They must ponder and develop new ideas. Only after they come up with an idea may they score a goal. Some of the many philosophers featured are Archimedes, Socrates, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, Kant, and Confucius.

  • Monty Python: Dead Parrot Skit

    A customer argues that the parrot he purchased is dead while the shop owner tries to reason for its lack of movement. The customer uses several phrases to convey the same message to the shop owner: that the parrot is motionless because it has passed away.

  • Monty Python: Career Advice

    new career
    career advice
    A chartered accountant seeks career advice from a vocational guidance counselor. He is looking for a new, exciting career with growth opportunities. He mentions that he would like to be a lion tamer, and the counselor asks about his experience. The ensuing conversation reveals that he does not actually know what a lion is and mistakes it for an anteater.