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  • Cyberbully: Taylor Stands up to Bullying

    the power of words
    Taylor confronts two online bullies in her school and tells them that their words actually can hurt people. Other students who are also victims of the bullies take the opportunity to stand up to the bullies as well, which causes the bullies to leave the school cafeteria.

  • Cyberbully: Support Group

    conduct for mean comments
    digital etiquette
    Taylor joins a support group for students who have been bullied online, and they discuss the ways in which to handle unpleasant comments directed towards them online. They discuss topics such as saving the evidence and talking to trusted adults about the bullying.

  • Cyberbully: Seeking Support

    written communication
    Taylor feels alone as her friends begin to ostracize her and make her the subject of cyberbullying. Her mom pleas for her to receive help after an attempt at suicide.

  • Cyberbully: Lindsay's Comments

    digital etiquette
    Samantha views a photo of herself and Taylor on Taylor's Cliquesters profile and notices that Lindsay has written an unpleasant comment. She tells Taylor about it, and they have a short discussion about it.

  • Cyberbully: The Friend Request

    stranger danger
    online safety
    Taylor receives a friend request on Cliquesters from a person named James, who goes to a nearby school. Although she doesn't know him, she adds him because he comes off as an attractive person.