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  • Everybody Hates Chris: Rochelle Teaches Chris Math

    examples of bad feedback
    giving feedback
    Rochelle attempts to help Chris with Algebra, but her overly critical teaching style makes it especially difficult for Chris to learn from his mistakes.

  • Everybody Hates Chris: Aunt Grievey

    Chris' mother has relatives over the house, and Chris explains of their nicknames. Each nickname describes the individual's true personality. 

  • Everybody Hates Chris: Chris Runs for Class President

    Chris runs for class president and appeals to his classmates by expressing grievances toward certain frustrations in the school. He gains his classmates' support with his passionate speech.

  • Everybody Hates Chris: Air Jordans

    Has profanity
    subjective social position
    social position
    Chris believes that he will attain a higher social status in school if he is able to get a varsity jacket. He believes he will get perks such as respect and the attention of girls.

  • Everybody Hates Chris: Tonya's Honesty

    applied ethics
    Tonya's honesty in the the hair salon gets her into a bit of trouble. She upsets the customers with her frank comments and becomes forced out of a job due to her disruption of business.