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  • The Founder: Selling the American Dream

    national ethos
    american dream
    Ray Kroc, a salesman who became pivital in turning McDonalds into one of the biggest restaurant franchises of the world, aims to recruit employees to McDonalds but only wants those who can put in the work to realize the American Dream.

  • The Founder: You're in the Real Estate Business

    revenue model
    business model
    evaluating a company
    Harry evaluates Ray Kroc's business, McDonalds, and points out that the business brings in dismal earnings and faces many growth obstacles. After Ray explains his franchise model, Harry tells him that he is actually in the real estate business, not the burger business. Harry goes to to tell Ray how he can tackle many of the problems he's experiencing with compliance and revenue generation by purchasing land and leasing it to franchisees.

  • The Founder: It's Your Name

    brand equity
    company image
    Ray has a conversation with Dick about McDonalds. When Dick asks Ray why he didn't simply take all the ideas and systems that were shown to him during the McDonalds tour, Ray states that he wouldn't have been successful because he lacks the McDonalds brand name. Ray believes that corporate image and brand equity are crucial to a company's success.

  • The Founder: Retro Wheels

    old technology
    A scene of 1950's automobiles.

  • The Founder: Motivational Record

    record player
    old technology
    goal setting
    Ray, after a tough day of selling milkshake machines, attempts to motivate himself for another day of selling by listening to a record.