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  • A Dangerous Method: Our Work Will Be Rejected

    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Simile
    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Allusion
    Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud staunchly defend their opposing positions on the nature of their work and its possible reception by the public. While discussing their views, they make allusions to Christopher Columbus and Galileo Galilei to be more convincing.

  • A Dangerous Method: Psychologist Clash

    Psychology → Famous Psychologists → Sigmund Freud
    Psychology → Famous Psychologists → Carl Jung
    Science → Psychology → Synchronicity
    Carl Jung visits Freud in Vienna to discuss his views on parapsychology. It's evident they have different beliefs on the topic. Freud feels they should not explore the paranormal, as it could discredit them, while Jung thinks they are limiting themselves by not exploring it.