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  • Boy Meets World: Cory's Discrimination Talk

    world war ii
    Cory insults his friend to get his attention, then asks him how it feels in order to make a connection to the injustice of antisemitism.

  • Boy Meets World: The Toothpaste Pitch

    target audience
    Shawn is assigned to create a pitch for a toothpaste ad and needs to decide the best angle to take to appeal to his target audience.

  • Boy Meets World: Anti-Discrimination Speech

    role reversal
    Cory and Mr. Feeny switch roles for the day; Cory becomes the teacher, and Mr. Feeny becomes the student. Cory's lesson of the day is on prejudice. He shares the story of Anne Frank and explains how her plight exemplifies prejudice.

  • Boy Meets World: Eric Talks to Cory's Class

    peer pressure
    developmental psychology
    Eric visits Cory's class to give a talk on peer pressure. He shares that, next year when they move into seventh grade, there will be a large population of kids they have never met before who may think differently from them. Eric warns them that they may be pressured by their peers to make poor decisions.

  • Boy Meets World: Eric Confesses to Mr. Feeny

    academic dishonesty
    Eric confesses to Mr. Feeny and tells him the reason for his strong performance on his recent test was that he received the answers from a former student. He shares with Mr. Feeny that he can never excel in academics; he's just an average student. His tutor confirms this sentiment and cites that he's not the "student type," which is why she felt comfortable providing him the answers.