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  • American Dad!: Iran-Contra Scandal

    american history
    world history
    cold war
    iran-contra affair
    reagan administration
    oliver north
    A short satirical clip explaining the Iran-Contra affair during the Cold War and how Oliver North was a hero during it.

  • American Dad!: Steve Becomes Communist

    types of government
    At dinner one night, Stan notices that his son, Steve, used communist terminology. He talks to Sergei, who is originally from the Soviet Union and is helping Steve build a model rocket, about Steve's use of communist words and learns of Sergei's plan to "steal" his son. Stan visits Steve in his room and learns that he has become a communist.

  • American Dad!: Making Hayley Grieve Faster

    kübler-ross model
    Tied at 200-200 games, Stan and Roger prepare for the game that decides who will be the badminton champion. When their line judge is taken away, they try to get Hayley to fill in. The two try to accelerate Hayley through the five stages of grief so she can become a line judge for them.