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  • Parks and Recreation: Unity Concert

    Relationship Skills → Teamwork → Friendship Building
    In hopes to connec the Eagleton and Pawnee parks departments, the team comes up with the idea for the Unity Concert.

  • Parks and Recreation: I Am Not a Beggar

    Marketing → Promotions → Commercial
    Ron Swanson creates a commercial, and it is clear he does not beg for customers.

  • Parks and Recreation: Soda Sizes

    Economics → Microeconomics → Consumer Choice
    Many of the local restaurants in the Pawnee Restaurant Association have increased the size of their sodas, and the city is concerned. Leslie argues that a 512 ounce child size soda may be taking it too far.

  • Parks and Recreation: Paunch Burger

    Marketing → Promotions → Commercial
    Marketing food is taken to a new extreme with this commercial from Johnny Karate.

  • Parks and Recreation: Ridiculous Business Ideas

    Business → Entrepreneurship → Innovation
    Tom Haverford showcases his relentless creative energy.