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  • The Sandlot: Joining the Team

    Language Arts → Acceptance → Peer Acceptance
    "Smalls" is finally accepted into The Sandlot team when he proves he could catch.

  • The Sandlot: Catapult

    Physics → Simple Machines → Lever
    Physics → Motion → Catapult Projectile Motion
    Physics → Simple Machines → Pulley
    A group of young boys create a catapult with the intention of using it to throw the ball back over the fence. Their attempt fails when The Beast intercepts the ball and attacks their machine.

  • The Sandlot: Retrieval Suction

    Physics → Pressure → Vaccum
    The boys use the suction of three vacuum cleaners to retrieve a ball that is out of their reach. Their attempt fails when the "Beast" chomps down on a pipe, which blocks off almost all air flow to the suction.

  • The Sandlot: The Legend of The Beast

    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Foreshadowing
    Communication → Storytelling → Oral Storytelling
    Squints tells the other kids about the legend of the beast, a guard dog that was a ruthless killer. In the story, the beast was ordered to be restrained under a house until the end of time and is dreaming of the time it can break loose and chase and kill again.

  • The Sandlot: Saving The Beast

    Language Arts → Courage → Facing Fear
    The gang saves The Beast from a pile of rubble after it tried to attack one of their pals.