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  • Back to School: Economics 101

    Has profanity
    starting costs
    variable costs
    cost analysis
    In this humorous example showcasing the gap between the "real world" and theory, Thornton Melon challenges the assumptions that Dr. Barbay poses to the class about starting a new company. Thornton asks questions such as why they are building a factory instead of leasing one and what product they're selling. Dr. Barbay is not amused by his interjections.

  • Back to School: Signing Up for Classes

    thinking out of the box
    situation puzzles
    Thornton Melon needs to sign up for classes, but the registration lines are very long. Instead of cutting the line or bribing other students in order to move himself forward in the registration line, Thornton devises a plan to decrease the size of all the lines. His plan works beautifully.

  • Back to School: Academic Fraud

    academic dishonesty
    Dr. Phil Barbay feels that the work Thornton handed in is not his own and accuses him of academic fraud. As a next step, he suggests an oral exam to test Thornton's knowledge.

  • Back to School: Oral Exam

    Has profanity
    do not go gentle into that good night
    dylan thomas
    interpreting poems
    Thornton Melon's English professor encourages him to recite the poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night" by Dylan Thomas then asks for his interpretation. Thornton provides a curt but powerful response.