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  • The Odyssey: The Crew Meets Polyphemus

    Has profanity
    greek mythology
    Odysseus and his crew meet face-to-face with Polyphemus, a Cyclops, when he catches them eating his food. Polyphemus eats one of the crew members, to the horror of the other men. In an attempt to increase their chances of escaping, Odysseus offers Polyphemus wine to bring him to a drunken stupor.

  • The Odyssey: Athena Speaks to Odysseus

    trojan war
    greek mythology
    Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, appeals to Odysseus and shares her hope for him to wage and lead war against the Trojans. She stresses that his valiant efforts will be remembered for generations.

  • The Odyssey: Aeolus, The God of Wind

    greek mythology
    Odysseus encounters Aeolus, the God of Wind, who appears to want to help him. He learns not only about Aeolus but of his cousin, the arrogant and selfish Poseidon.

  • The Odyssey: Circe, Goddess of Magic

    Has profanity
    greek mythology
    Odysseus meets Circe after she has transformed some of his crew members to different species of animals. In order to turn his soldiers back to men, he must take her to bed. Circe's spell is broken right before some crew members eat Polites, who was transformed into a pig.

  • The Odyssey: Calypso

    greek mythology
    Odysseus washes ashore on Calypso's island, where he meets the nymph and her maids. She offers Odysseus her hospitality.