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  • The Newsroom: ACNgage Interview

    business ethics
    applied ethics
    Bree Dorrit is interviewed about his new ACNgage app that promotes citizen journalism. He is grilled by Sloan for endangering the lives of celebrities and not vetting the facts posted on its platform, which is the opposite of journalism.

  • The Newsroom: You've Committed Espionage

    title 18
    united states code
    Neal steals documents through his source in order to create a story. Rebecca informs him that he's committed espionage and treason and that no amendments, including the first, can protect an individual for conspiring to commit treason. Rebecca tells Neal more specifically that he has violated sections 641, 793-e, and 1030a of Title 18 of the U.S. Code.

  • The Newsroom: Boston Bombing and Reddit

    Has profanity
    fact checking
    evaluating credibility
    source credibility
    fake news
    Following the Boston bombing, the news team discusses how Reddit and Twitter have spread false rumors about the Boston bombing suspect. They note the apparent lack of fact checking even by prominent individuals who disseminated false information.

  • The Newsroom: The EPA

    climate change
    Will interviews Richard Westbrook, an official with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He has a pessimistic view of the challenges involving climate change and suggests that the climate debate is long over: we're too late. He also mentions some impacts of climate change: mass migrations, food and water shortages, endless wildfires, and massive storms.

  • The Newsroom: Not the Greatest Country in the World Anymore

    Has profanity
    american morals
    Will McAvoy attends a symposium at a university and offers an unexpected answer to the question, "Why is America the greatest country in the world?" He states that the United States is not the greatest country in the world anymore and supports it with statistics. He does state, however, that it used to be the greatest because of the morals, ideals, and behaviors of the populace.