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  • Seabiscuit: Final Race

    social-emotional learning
    responsible decision-making
    During Seabiscuit's final race, Red reflects on how the horse has helped to fix him.

  • Seabiscuit: The Model T

    american history
    industrial revolution
    assembly line
    This clip highlights the Ford Model T and explains how the invention of the assembly line has made it the first car affordable to the masses. It also illustrates how the assembly line improved manufacturing processes and led to job specialization within factories.

  • Seabiscuit: The Stock Market Crash of 1929

    american history
    stock market crash of 1929
    great depression
    The narrator in the clip explains the impact of the stock market crash on the United States economy: millions of individuals lost their hard-earned savings, and unemployment rose to 25%. As a result, millions of families had to change the way they lived in order to survive. This new way of life was noticeably less comfortable than their old way of life.

  • Seabiscuit: Tom's Values

    social-emotional learning
    social awareness
    respect for others
    character education
    Charles Howard learns about how Tom values life and honesty.

  • Seabiscuit: Foul Race

    Has profanity
    social-emotional learning
    character education
    During a race, an opposing rider fouls Red and he is unable to let go of his anger and move past the incident.