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  • Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean Becomes Charged

    van der graaf generator
    static electricity
    Mr. Bean is excited by a Van der Graaf generator and uses it after he sees how it affects a woman's hair. When he uses it, the generator doesn't seem to be working on his hair; however, it leaves static electricity on his hands that persists for quite a while, causing problems when picking up a piece of paper.

  • Mr. Bean: Getting Up On Time

    time management
    Despite having an alarm clock, Mr. Bean oversleeps and rushes to get ready for the day.

  • Mr. Bean: At The Beach

    incomplete information
    Mr. Bean goes to the beach and tries to change into his swimming trunks without ever becoming naked, in order to prevent a nearby man from seeing him. Mr. Bean goes through great pains to successfully perform this task. Afterwards, he becomes aware of the man's handicap.

  • Mr. Bean: Chemistry Experiment

    lab etiquette
    Mr. Bean shows off exactly what NOT to do in a chemistry lab.

  • Mr. Bean: Late to The Dentist

    distracted driver
    reckless driving
    Mr. Bean gets up late for the dentist and decides to get dressed in the car.