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  • Pocahontas: Meeting John Smith

    Communication → Cross Cultural Differences → Boldness
    John Smith is hunting and realizes that it is Pocahontas, not an animal. She runs away from him, and he pursues her, trying to meet her for the first time.

  • Pocahontas: How We Say Hello

    Communication → Cross Cultural Differences → Greetings
    John and Pocahontas show each other how they greet people in their culture.

  • Pocahontas: Meeko Meets John Smith

    Relationship Skills → Friendship Building → Kindness
    Pocahontas is scared of meeting John Smith. But, her trusty raccoon, Meeko is not as scared. John Smith tries to make friends with Meeko by sharing some biscuits.

  • Pocahontas: Pocahontas Protects John

    Language Arts → Sacrifice → Putting Others Before Oneself
    Pocahontas runs in front of John Smith to save his life before being harmed by her father.

  • Pocahontas: Savages

    Psychology → Cognition → Similarities and Differences
    The colonists and the Algonquins sing a song in which they call the other party savages while preparing for battle. They are different in their preparation yet similar in their mindset that the other party consists of savages.