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  • Madagascar: Alex Goes Savage

    biological interaction
    Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria attempt to fit into the wild after having been raised in the New York City Zoo. During a performance to the Madagascar monkeys, Alex is suddenly overwhelmed by his hunger. He visualizes the audience members as the steaks that he was fed in the zoo and attacks his zebra friend, Marty. The monkeys inform the group that Alex is different from them since he needs meat to survive, and they are his food.

  • Madagascar: The Power of Teamwork

    Three different clips that exemplify how teamwork can help in perilous situations. The first clip shows how the penguins use their combined weight to prevent getting eaten by a whale. The second clip illustrates how the ants save one of their own by bonding together. In the final clip, the crabs strategically position themselves to protect the baby crab from a seagull.

  • Madagascar: Shipped to Africa Scene

    animal welfare
    Animals are shipped in boxes by boat to Africa from zoos.

  • Madagascar: A Day at the Zoo

    animal welfare
    Animals in the Central Park Zoo show their perspective of visitors.

  • Madagascar: Crying Mort

    building friendships
    respect for others
    The lemurs come across the zoo animals- Alex, Gloria, Melmen, and Marty as they are trying to get a spider off of Alex. The confused lemurs, led by King Julien think the zoo animals are wild and vicious. By sending a scared and crying Mort to meet the zoo animals, the lemurs realize that instead of being scared, a respectful introduction was all it took to make friends!