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  • Finding Dory: Stealthy Hank

    animal adaptation
    defense mechanisms
    Hank the octopus uses numerous defense mechanisms to hide, sneak around, and protect both himself and Dory from danger. These mechanisms include the expulsion of ink and camouflage.

  • Finding Dory: You're a Beluga

    animal echolocation
    animal navigation
    Destiny introduces Dory to her neighbor, Bailey, a beluga whale who claims to have lost his ability to find objects using sound waves. Bailey believes that his head is swollen, but Destiny states that his head is naturally that big because of his species.

  • Finding Dory: Dory Gets Stung

    biological interaction
    At night, Dory tries to visit Marlin and Nemo in the sea anemone, but she is stung. When Marlin and Nemo go through the sea anemone, they aren't stung because they are clownfish, which have a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone.