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  • Gettysburg: Bayonet Charge

    American History → Civil War → Battle of Little Round Top
    This clip depicts the Battle of Little Round Top during the Civil War. With his men out of ammunition, Union Colonel Chamberlain orders his forces to bayonet charge down the hill, resulting in a favorable outcome for the Union.

  • Gettysburg: Colonel Chamberlain's Speech

    American History → Civil War → Battle of Little Round Top
    Colonel Chamberlain delivers a speech to a large group of men to redevote them to the cause of the Civil War. He explains that they are fighting for social justice: to set other men free rather than conquer land or loot. He desperately needs them to join his Northern Maine regiment for the battle, which became the turning point of the war and ultimately supported the outcome for the North.

  • Gettysburg: "Killer Angels" Monologue

    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Monologue
    Science → Sociology → Social Equality
    Sergeant Kilrain and Colonel Chamberlain discuss the purpose of their participation in the Civil War. Sergeant Kilrain cites the importance of justice for all men, regardless of their background, race, and caliber.