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  • Cast Away: Never Again

    Has profanity
    sense of belonging
    maslow's hierarchy of needs
    Chuck has a short argument with Wilson on their ability to make it off the island alive. It appears that Chuck responding to Wilson's non-existent comments. The argument ends with Chuck throwing Wilson away and soon regretting it. He desperately looks around to find Wilson, as Wilson is his only friend on the island, and he eventually finds him.

  • Cast Away: They May Never Find Us

    grade 7
    area formula
    After eating dinner, Chuck illustrates to Wilson their slim chances of being rescued. He calculates the area that the rescue team would have to potentially search to find them: approximately 502,000 square miles.

  • Cast Away: How (Not) to Make Fire

    types of emotion
    human emotion
    Chuck Noland, stuck on a deserted island with no idea where he is attempts to make a fire with no success. The failure is too much for him to bear as he cuts his hand and loses it.