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  • Legally Blonde: First Day of Law School

    social perception
    Elle goes to her first day of law school and sees her ex-boyfriend Warner in the hallway. He is surprised to see her and is dumbfounded that she got into Harvard Law as a student.

  • Legally Blonde: Welcome to Law School

    world cultures
    cultural diversity
    A group of Harvard Law students introduce themselves to the other members of the group. The students talk about their backgrounds, which reveals to the other members what he/she values. Each student has a very different educational background, set of experiences, attitude, and posture.

  • Legally Blonde: Studying to Become Better

    human emotion
    types of emotion
    Elle becomes determined to excel academically after Warner makes claims about her smarts. She buys books and studies constantly in order to gain more domain knowledge in law. Her hard work soon starts to show positive results.

  • Legally Blonde: Sexual Harassment Example

    Has profanity
    human resources
    employer relations
    sexual harrasment
    Professor Callahan talks with Elle in his office about her future. He places his hand on her thigh and tells her how beautiful she is.

  • Legally Blonde: Elle Woods Wins the Case

    social-emotional learning
    problem solving
    responsible decision-making
    analyzing situations
    In the final court meeting, as Elle questions Chutney, one glaring issue in Chutney's hair care routine becomes obvious. This identification leads to a confession and Elle's first win as a lawyer.