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  • Fresh Off the Boat: Evan's Homeowner Meeting

    delivering a speech
    effective delivery
    During a neighborhood meeting, Louis Huang tries to convince his neighbors that Highland Avenue should be a Halloween destination. He persuades them that Halloween is not about imagineers spending money but about allowing individuals to use their imagination to adopt an entirely new persona for the day. 

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Jessica Gives a Harassment Seminar

    human resources
    employee relations
    sexual harassment
    Jessica Huang runs a sexual harrassment seminar for the employees of Cattleman's Ranch.

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Jessica vs. Debate Teacher

    forming an argument
    Jessica confronts her son's Debate teacher to learn why he cannot join the debate team when he is a better fit for it than other students. The teacher states that the Debate team is only for 5th graders and that Evan is too young. As their argument continues, the teacher turns it into a teachable moment by telling his students the aspects of debate that are occurring in the moment.

  • Fresh Off the Boat: White People Lunch

    american history
    Eddie is tired of kids at school making fun of his Chinese lunches. He throws his lunch away and tells his parents he wants white people lunch.

  • Fresh Off the Boat: Model Minority

    american history
    Jessica tells Louis about being a model minority when she moved to America.