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  • Friends: Omnipotent?

    English → Vocabulary → Omnipotent
    Language Arts → Grammar → Verb Moods - Conditional
    Joey joins his friends in a cafe while they are discussing what they would each do if they were omnipotent. When Monica poses the question to Joey, it is clear he does not understand its meaning.

  • Friends: Joey Works at Central Perk

    English → Careers → Jobs
    Joey starts working at Central Perk but doesn't want to admit it to his friends because feels embarrassed.

  • Friends: The "Whom" Moments in Friends

    Language Arts → Grammar → Who vs. Whom
    On multiple instances, Ross corrects his friends' grammar when they use "who" instead of "whom" in regular conversation.

  • Friends: Adoption Letter

    English → Writing Process → Word Choice
    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Diction
    In an effort to use many sophisticated words, Joey uses a thesaurus on every word in his adoption recommendation letter for Chandler and Monica. The results are both hilarious and hard to understand.

  • Friends: Trapped in an ATM Vestibule

    Language Arts → Literary Devices → Aside
    Chandler is using the ATM at a vestibule and tries to leave when the power goes out. He is trapped inside with an attractive woman, and we hear his thought process throughout the entire experience.