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  • Between the Lions: It's Over Now

    verb tenses
    B.B. the lion sings a song that explains how to indicate that an action happened in the past. Adding an "ed" to the end of a verb puts it in the past tense.

  • Between the Lions: Homophones Song

    Cleo the Lion and Brian McKnight sing a song about homophones, two words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have a different meaning. They integrate common homophones in the song and use them within a context to make it possible to infer their meaning.

  • Between the Lions: The UN People

    Monica zips the rhinos in a bag because they are ruining her picnic, and the evil "un" people unzip the bag. The "re" people come to the rescue and rezip the bag to prevent the rhinos from continuing to ruin Monica's picnic.

  • Between the Lions: It's a p-h!

    This clip explains how to pronounce the letters, "p" and "h" when they are next to each other in a word.

  • Between the Lions: When Two Vowels Go Walking

    This song explains how to pronounce two consecutive vowels in a word. It uses visuals to illustrate the emphasis on the vowels.