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George believes that every instinct he has is wrong and realizes that his life is the opposite of everything he wants it to be. He decides to do the opposite of what he normally does in order to make the "right" decisions.
Not long after he gets a corporate job, Kramer gets fired. His boss explains the reasons for his dismissal.
Elaine's new boyfriend, Aaron, doesn't realize that he invades other people's personal space when he talks to them.
Has profanity
While at dinner, Kramer asks a Miss America contestant what she would do to make the world a better place. She says that she would try to end world hunger. "If everyone ate one meal less, there would be enough food to feed the world." Jerry says that's one "helluva plan." This is an example of unsound economic reasoning: the misconception that for others to have more, we must take less.
Kramer spilled Java World brand coffee on himself while at the movie theater, and he files a lawsuit against the company for not having strong enough coffee covers. The company tries to settle the lawsuit outside of court, and Kramer is quick to accept the settlement.