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  • Boiler Room: The Boiler Room

    Has profanity
    sales training
    assumptive closing
    always be closing
    The art of assumptive closing.

  • Boiler Room: Dealing with Objections

    sales training
    predictable behavior
    need to speak with my partner
    Understanding how to deal with objections during a cold call.

  • Boiler Room: Redo the Pitch

    Has profanity
    sales training
    assumptive closing
    rework the pitch
    A telemarketer who calls every weekend is requested to redo his pitch by the man on the other end of the phone.

  • Boiler Room: Prospecting

    persuasive techniques
    highlighting benefits
    sense of urgency
    Chris talks to a doctor that is interested in purchasing stock and uses strong persuasion tactics to convince him to lock in the deal. In the process of closing the deal, he builds strong rapport with the customer.