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  • The Road Runner Show: Human Cannonball

    conservation of linear momentum
    In a violation of the conservation of momentum, Wile E. Coyote launches himself out of a canon with the hope that it will help him catch the Road Runner.

  • The Road Runner Show: Fan-powered Sail

    third law
    newton's laws of motion
    The Coyote attempts to outrun the Road Runner with his new device, but unfortunately it doesn't account for turning. The fan-powered sail illustrates a violation of Newton's Third Law of Motion.

  • The Road Runner Show: Balloon Anvil

    gravitational acceleration
    introduction to gravity
    Wile E. Coyote flies in a hot air ballon and attempts to hit the Road Runner from above with an anvil. His mission fails because he doesn't understand physics very well. This clip can also illustrate to students what isn't correct about cartoon physics.

  • The Road Runner Show: Rolling Boulder

    conservation of energy
    In an attempt to harm the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote rolls a boulder in his path. His attempt is unsuccessful and quickly backfires in an unrealistic manner. This clip illustrates a violation of the conservation of energy.

  • The Road Runner Show: Log Tunnel

    static equilibrium
    The Coyote is outsmarted again when he tries to catch the Road Runner at the end of a log, which is close to a cliff. The Coyote's added weight takes the log out of static equilibrium and tips it off the cliff.