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  • Family Guy: Joe Is on a Vacation

    Marketing → Audience → Remembering Your Audience
    Peter forgets the purpose of his call after Joe's long voicemail recording.

  • Family Guy: Cancer Cure

    Ethics → Applied Ethics → Business Ethics
    Carter's company has developed a cure for cancer. Carter has been keeping the cure secret for years so that he can continue to profit off of cancer treatments.

  • Family Guy: Call A Scientist

    Physics → Gravity → Defying Gravity
    Peter jumps up in excitement after hearing that he can keep the company plane. He defies the laws of gravity by staying in the air after his jump.

  • Family Guy: Asian Drycleaner

    Sociology → Stereotypes → Ethnic Stereotypes
    Peter seeks out the drycleaner run by a Chinese man so that he can pick up his drycleaning. The man is portrayed as straightforward, cheap, and not customer-oriented, especially when Peter finds that his shirt has not been returned to him. They settle the conflict through a non-traditional "fight."

  • Family Guy: Stealing The U-boat

    History → World War II → German U-boats
    Brian, Stewie, and Mort travel back in time to the Nazi regime in Germany. They steal a German U-boat to escape to the safety of England. This clip depicts U-boats and their primary weapon during the war, the torpedo.