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  • Family Guy: Joe Is on a Vacation

    remembering your audience
    Peter forgets the purpose of his call after Joe's long voicemail recording.

  • Family Guy: Cancer Cure

    Has profanity
    business ethics
    applied ethics
    Carter's company has developed a cure for cancer. Carter has been keeping the cure secret for years so that he can continue to profit off of cancer treatments.

  • Family Guy: Call A Scientist

    defying gravity
    Peter jumps up in excitement after hearing that he can keep the company plane. He defies the laws of gravity by staying in the air after his jump.

  • Family Guy: Asian Drycleaner

    ethnic stereotypes
    Peter seeks out the drycleaner run by a Chinese man so that he can pick up his drycleaning. The man is portrayed as straightforward, cheap, and not customer-oriented, especially when Peter finds that his shirt has not been returned to him. They settle the conflict through a non-traditional "fight."

  • Family Guy: Stealing The U-boat

    german u-boats
    world war ii
    Brian, Stewie, and Mort travel back in time to the Nazi regime in Germany. They steal a German U-boat to escape to the safety of England. This clip depicts U-boats and their primary weapon during the war, the torpedo.