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  • South Park: A Sueance

    business ethics
    applied ethics
    Stan, Kyle, Jimmy, and Clyde visit a lawyer to see if they can sue the inventor of the toilet for Clyde's loss. The lawyer fabricates a concept called a sueance, which is the suing of dead people, and charges the boys a lot of money for his services.

  • South Park: The Sueance Continues

    business ethics
    applied ethics
    The lawyer that Stan, Kyle, Jimmy, and Clyde hired tries yet again to contact the dead in order to sue them. He fails and asks for more money in order to file a class action lawsuit.

  • South Park: Idea Balls

    Cartman ("Danny Pocket") visits Family Guy Studios to speak with the writing staff. He learns about their unique way of brainstorming ideas for the show.

  • South Park: Mobile Business Charade

    Has profanity
    business ethics
    applied ethics
    Terrance and Phillip visit the Canadian Department of Mobile Gaming after discovering they created a mobile game using their names without permission. They then receive a lecture about the shady business practices the Minister of Mobile Gaming is employing to maximize profit.

  • South Park: Ridding the World of Ads

    Jimmy discusses how ads have been interwoven into American popular culture. They first found their home interspersed in television programming, then in popups, and more recently in the news via the Internet. Jimmy states that the nature of ads and their placement have adapted to changes in technology.