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  • The Martian: Checks Out

    gravitational field
    Rich explains how the Hermes probe can use the Earth's gravitational field to gain velocity and adjust course in order to pick up astronaut Mark Watney, who is on Mars, faster.

  • The Martian: Heating Problems

    second law
    When Mark loses power on Mars, he scavenges the Rover 1 to double his battery life. It is freezing cold, and he is faced with a dilemma: use the heater to stay warm and burn through half his battery every day, or slowly die from the cold to save battery life.

  • The Martian: Hot Stuff

    radioactive isotope
    radioisotope thermoelectric generator
    Astronaut Mark Watney digs up the buried radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) so that he can use it as a power source for his heater. He explains the dangers of using an RTG near humans.

  • The Martian: Astronaut Candidate Program

    Has profanity
    personality traits
    Astronaut Mark Watney addresses aspiring astronauts and gives them a few words of wisdom. He talks about his experience surviving alone on Mars and admits that he thought he was going to die. He expresses the importance of having problem-solving skills, a positive mindset, and resilience, as those traits are what allowed him to make it back to Earth alive despite the adversity he encountered.

  • The Martian: Botany Powers

    identifying problems
    personality traits
    solving problems
    Mark records a video log in which he discusses a challenge to his survival: he'll run out of food unless he grows more. He needs to figure out a way to grow 3 years worth of food on Mars, where nothing grows. Instead of feeling hopeless, Mark shows that he is ready to take on the challenge.