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  • Sid the Science Kid: Plant Growth

    Teacher Suzy explains to her students an experiment with plants to help them understand how plants grow and how to determine which plant has grown the most.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Moving the Heavy Basket

    simple machines
    inclined plane
    Teacher Susie challenges her students to move the basket from the ground to the top of the slide. The students experiment with different approaches until they come to a solution. Then, they record their observations in their journals.

  • Sid the Science Kid: How Wheels Work

    simple machines
    Sid's dad shows him how wheels work on the computer. As a result, Sid figures out what he needs to do in order to fix his toy truck.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Amazing Lungs

    respiratory system
    Teacher Suzy explains to her students how lungs work then investigates the different ways in which we use our lungs.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Big Basket Investigation

    simple machines
    Sid and his friends learn that wheels make things easier to move. They write down their observations and state them to their teacher, Suzy.