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  • Sid the Science Kid: Plant Growth

    Science → Biology → Growth
    Teacher Suzy explains to her students an experiment with plants to help them understand how plants grow and how to determine which plant has grown the most.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Moving the Heavy Basket

    Science → Scientific Method → Observation
    Physics → Simple Machines → Inclined Plane
    Teacher Susie challenges her students to move the basket from the ground to the top of the slide. The students experiment with different approaches until they come to a solution. Then, they record their observations in their journals.

  • Sid the Science Kid: How Wheels Work

    Physics → Simple Machines → Wheel
    Sid's dad shows him how wheels work on the computer. As a result, Sid figures out what he needs to do in order to fix his toy truck.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Sid Learns About Germs

    Health Education → Personal Health → Germs
    Sid speaks with his parents about how to protect against germs and how they cause sicknesses, such as the common cold.

  • Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Amazing Lungs

    Biology → Respiratory System → Lungs
    Teacher Suzy explains to her students how lungs work then investigates the different ways in which we use our lungs.