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  • Mad Men: Inappropriate Jokes

    sexual harassment
    employee relations
    During a business meeting, the men from McCann Erickson make inappropriate jokes to Peggy and Joan, who are acting in a professional manner.

  • Mad Men: The Carousel

    product marketing
    Don Draper uses the concept of nostalgia to position a simple wheel as a carousel, something with much more meaning. He also creates an emotional connection with the audience.

  • Mad Men: Don Draper on Compensation

    verbal communication
    Don lectures Peggy on the definitive distinction and responsibility of employee and employer.

  • Mad Men: Mark Your Man

    print advertisement
    Don Draper's sales pitch for woman's lipstick emphasizes unique selection and total ownership with the campaign "Mark Your Man."

  • Mad Men: Employee Seeking a Raise

    Has profanity
    pay raise
    How to handle a boss when seeking a pay raise.