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  • Bend It Like Beckham: I Want Her to Win

    Lifestyle → Passion → Interest
    Jess Bharma shares with her parents her love for soccer and the news that an American scout has offered her both a scholarship and an opportunity to play professional soccer. Although her mother does not agree to it, her father says he does not want her to suffer and accept life; he wants her to fight.

  • Bend It Like Beckham: Tryouts

    World Cultures → Indian Culture → Stereotypes
    Jess tries out for the girls' socer team after being stereotyped for being an Indian player.

  • Bend It Like Beckham: Marriage

    World Cultures → Indian Culture → Expectations
    Jess hears about her parents' expectations of her when she informs them that she made the girls' soccer team.

  • Bend It Like Beckham: Meeting the Parents

    World Cultures → Indian Culture → Expectations
    Joe meets Jess' parents in order to try to convince them to let her play on the team, but he is taken aback when he hears her father's story.

  • Bend It Like Beckham: Bare Legs

    World Cultures → Indian Culture → Expectations
    Jess' mom finds her playing soccer with the guys in shorts and is disturbed that they were touching her skin.