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  • Thank You for Smoking: Who Has the Best Government?

    Has profanity
    interpreting a writing prompt
    forming an argument
    Nick teaches his son how to think about the writing prompt that his teacher assigned him. He encourages his son to think beyond the parameters that his teacher set for the prompt and reinforces the idea that you are never wrong if you are able to argue correctly.

  • Thank You for Smoking: Chocolate vs. Vanilla Ice Cream

    moral flexibility
    forming an argument
    While at an amusement park, Nick explains to his son, Joey, that one needs moral flexibility in order to perform his job as a lobbyist. He then explains how to argue effectively and in a manner that results in him always being right. He demonstrates this technique in an argument with Joey in which he asserts that vanilla ice cream is the best.

  • Thank You for Smoking: The Joan Show

    Has profanity
    Big Tobacco's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, has an undeniably alluring presence on The Joan Show. Initially, he states that the tobacco industry would like to keep smokers alive so they can continue to be cigarette consumers, which elicits disgust from the crowd. Then, he attempts to discredit his opposers and announces that Big Tobacco plans to spend $50 million on anti-smoking campaigns.