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  • The Office: Chore Wheel

    Responsible Decision-Making → Solving Problems → Creative Problem Solving
    Since the custodial service isn't cleaning the office, Pam comes up with a creative way to solve the messy office problem.

  • The Office: Who vs. Whom

    Language Arts → Grammar → Who vs. Whom
    The employees in the office struggle with the grammatical difference between who and whom.

  • The Office: Teaching Dwight Active Listening

    Communication → Listening → Active Listening
    Pam and some other women in the office teach Dwight active listening skills.

  • The Office: Return of Recyclops

    Business → Sustainability → Recycling
    Dwight dresses up as Recyclops to promote recycling in the office. Each year, Recyclops takes a slightly different form.

  • The Office: Company Garage Sale

    Marketing → Products → Customer Perceived Value
    Economics → Supply and Demand → Driving Demand
    The office holds a garage sale, and Dwight sets a goal to trade his way up from a thumbtack to the most valuable item in the garage sale. He uses clever rhetoric to trade up to a telescope, but through effective marketing, Jim drives his demand towards a "magic" packet of beans.