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  • Wit: Death Be Not Proud

    importance of punctuation
    death be not proud
    Professor Ashford critiques the version of "Death Be Not Proud" by English poet, John Donne, that Vivian Bearing uses because it is incorrectly punctuated. The punctuation within a poem can give it an entirely different meaning.

  • Wit: Popsicle Scene

    life decisions
    When faced with the concept of her own death, cancer patient Vivian Bearing must re-assess her life and decide if it has been a life well lived. Her nurse gives her options on what to do when her heart fails, and this clip reinforces the importance of human connection.

  • Wit: Now is the Time for Simplicity

    Has profanity
    personal philosophy
    A renowned professor reassesses her life when she is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Instead of surrounding herself with intelligence and complexity, she turns to simplicity and kindness during these troubling times.

  • Wit: Medical Interview

    Has profanity
    sample history
    health assessment
    health care
    Dr. Jason Posner conducts a medical interview with Professor Bearing before he continues with the rest of her gynecological check-up.